June 2018

June has just involved a whole lot of back and forth between Manchester, Huddersfield and Birmingham but I wouldn’t change it at all!

The month kicked off with Toby Burton’s EP launch at The Parish in Huddersfield. Toby is the first artist that Max and I worked with for In Session so we naturally wanted to go and show our support. The gig was great and we picked up one of his EP’s, although you can listen to it on Spotify and I’d really recommend it because he is such a talented songwriter and performer.

The following day Max and I got the train into Leeds to spend our Wagamama’s voucher and have a wander around the record stores. There was a cute dog on the train back so obviously that day was a 10/10.

I went home and started a new job, just a Summer job picking up a few hours here and there at my mom’s office doing odd jobs and filing, but it’s been keeping me busy whilst at home which is always a plus.

Jumping in the car with Max’s parents to spend a bit of time with them in Huddersfield was lovely, before getting on the train to Manchester to see Taylor Swift at the Etihad. Honestly I’d never been a big fan of hers but seeing her live has changed my opinion highly! I happened to go by chance, but if you ever get the opportunity to see her I would beyond recommend it and I’m looking forward already to when she next tours again!

Back to Huddersfield the following day, I spent the beautifully sunny afternoon with Max and Peter, having a drink in Greenhead park and a good chin wag. We also walked by Max’s new house that he’ll be moving into next month so it was good to get an idea of the area he’s living in.

Once again, back on a train to Manchester, this time with Max, to see Haim at the Apollo, and it was incredible! I saw them last in 2014 at Glastonbury and I was obsessed, so it was amazing to see how much they’ve changed (for the better) over the years. They played a good amount of their old songs too rather than just the whole of the new album so that was refreshing!

The following evening was spent in A&E due to my worst endometriosis flare up since my surgery last September. It was a bit disheartening that this has happened again, however the doctors were lovely and very understanding, I was prescribed a lot stronger pain relief and they gave me a clear plan of what to do if this pursues.

A few days of bed rest was made better by meeting up with Max, Chris, Henry and Matt after a training day for their new job (suddenly ruined by me being sick in the toilets *classy* and having to go home).

Back to Manchester again but this time to walk across the city with some amazing people for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. The weather just about held dry, and it was just lovely seeing everyone again and being able to raise some money and awareness for a really important cause.

You can find more information as to why we did this walk, and donate money too, here:


We had a chill few days in Huddersfield, Max took a couple days off work too which was really lovely as we got a proper chance to have some us time and relax a little!

Our 4th anniversary rolled around and we celebrated with a lie in, a walk into town fuelled by coffee, and an evening date night at Lala’s Indian (incredible, 10/10 would recommend).

The following day was spent pottering around The Piece Hall in Halifax, but I’m going to do a whole other blog post on that so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon!

I went back to Birmingham but only two days at work before going to the caravan in Bournemouth with my parents and Lady. This was Lady’s first time at the caravan, but also her first ever trip to the beach and seaside!

(It should be noted that I’m currently writing this in 30 degree heat, on the veranda of the caravan with a beer in hand – cheers!)

She has been so good, I was worried at first because she’s so nervous around other dogs, but I think as it’s a whole new place to her she’s just focussed on taking it all in rather than crying at other dogs haha.

The weather has been incredible, as previously mentioned, so each day has been spent trying to get out and do stuff as early as possible to avoid being out in the heat of the day, chilling during the middle of the day then going to the beach for a walk in the evenings.

Honestly I wasn’t sure about coming away, as much as I adore spending time with my parents, like every twenty-something, I need my space too, but this has been a perfect combination of the two which has been very pleasant and not at all suspected.

My month ended the best way possible, Max came home for the weekend and I got to see Erin and Gina too! It’s so difficult trying to find time to see the girls, as they live here and for the past two years I’ve not left Manchester for longer than a week (until now). But even now that I’m back we all still have so many commitments, Gina is smashing it at work and Erin is somehow balancing working full time and being in a really cool band, playing festivals all Summer! So it is really treasured when we do get to spend time together, especially because it is so few and far between.

It wouldn’t be a monthly without some faves so here goes:

Album / Playlist: My role at work means I basically lock myself in a room for hours on end sorting files, which can send you a lil stir crazy as I’m sure you could imagine, so I needed some motivational music to get me through, and the album I am constantly going back to is “Death of a Bachelor”, which is a massive revisit, however the more I think about it, it’s definitely in my top 5 albums.

Song: Although June has been the month of all months for new releases, The 1975’s new track “Give Yourself A Try” was top of my priorities and it did not disappoint!

TV / Movie: I binged hard on TV this month after all of my deadlines were out of the way, but my favourite has to be Hollyoaks, it has covered so many important topics these past few months and it’s amazing to see the hard work and dedication put into portraying them excellently and accurately.

Place: The caravan, it’s the home of a million of my childhood memories and I love being in my 20s and still enjoying it and making more memories!

Memory: Taking my gorgeous doggy for her first seaside holiday.

Accomplishment: Getting into the swing of having a job again!

Journaling Maddie x


February 2018

February has been a whirlwind of a month. It has been deadline after deadline, but finally I get a break!

I had a couple of crappy drs appointments at the beginning of this month but as always the pros outweigh the cons so I won’t dwell on this one here and move right on to some of the fun stuff!

The first weekend in Feb was spent at local venue Jimmy’s watching The Bright Black supporting YungBlud which ended up in a night out at HoldFast which is my fave bar in the Norther Quarter of Manchester!

The day after that I was rocking a hangover with Amy at the Principle Hotel, at their venue Copperface Jack’s, decorating for the third year uni ball. We spent all day there blowing up balloons and making the venue look pretty and meeting a spec, which was pretty fun and another thing to add to my events CV. From what I remember we spent our evening eating leftover lasagne, playing sims and cuddled up in many, many blankets in our freezing cold flat haha.

Max surprised me with a mid-week visit on his day off, so we went camera and record shopping (I got a De La Soul record and a Clean Cut Kid single for £8 altogether – bargain!), grabbed lunch at the infamous pizza hut lunch buffet and then had a nice quiet night in.

By some miracle, I got a first! Like an actual real life first at university. My first one at that too! It has defo been a confidence boost and a motivator for the rest of my assignments. I passed first year but my goal for second year is a 2:1, so watch this space!

A friend’s birthday resulted in last minute drinks at a local bar, which was a nice mid-week break from uni work.

To celebrate my first, Max was due to be taking me to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman, however he fell ill in the night, so we spent the whole day in Manchester Royal Infirmary (fun!), but thankfully he is okay and back on his feet!

I had to do a presentation, I hate doing presentations. But I think it went pretty well, and I am just so glad that it is over!

Max got the walking bug, so we went for a trek along Marsden Moors, which I think would’ve been more pleasant with sunshine and rainbows but we had rain, wind and freezing cold climates up until the last half an hour hahaha. But it was a lovely walk and an excuse to get out in the countryside, and by some miracle we felt fine the next day and ended up taking a day trip to Leeds (where I treated myself to some flash Zara trousers). A weekend full of dates which is rare for us but we really did just have the best time!

Jon waiting for us when we got back to Max’s

My wonderful best friend and flatmate Amy put on her first gig as Girl Boss, which was bloody ace and I really am so proud of how far she has come and everything she is achieving, and how she’s following her dreams, it is such an inspiration. (sop over, soz). My other beautiful best friend and flatmate (fellow blogger too – Specifically Sara) performed at the gig and she was absolutely amazing too! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much talent. We may or may not have ended up in Holdfast and then a karaoke bar afterwards too (and absolutely murdered S Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True – but it was all a good laugh)!

I got a call off my parents saying they were going to visit my sister for the weekend with my dog, so I jumped on a train to go see them for the day and it was so lovely. I really wish I could see them more but it just makes it even more special when I do! We went for coffee, some retail therapy, had lots of doggie cuddles and a good catch up.

How beautiful is my dog?!

My wonderful Max set up a company last year and this month I have been helping him pull everything together ready for the first release! Last month we recorded the insanely talented Toby Burton and the videos are coming out very soon so if you’re keen then you should definitely check out the In Session FaceBook page!

Album / Playlist: The 50 Shades Freed soundtrack ahhhhh !!

Song: My besties, The Cosmics, have released their song “Waste of Time” on Spotify so it has been on repeat!  

TV / Movie: I had about a month’s worth of Hollyoaks to catch up on so February has been taken over by that haha

Place: Lancaster – so pretty!

Memory: Not a great memory but they can’t all be fabulous, I had to take Max into hospital, this is my memory of February purely because Max never ever has to go to the hospital, I’m usually the poorly one so it makes a change and needed to be documented hahaha.

Accomplishment: Did I mention that I got a first?

M x

January 2018

January has been one helluva month!

I saw it in dancing in someone’s kitchen in Manchester with some amazing friends, drinking weird concoctions and having the best time! The following day was, of course, full of hangover so consisted of sleeping, watching Greys Anatomy and a walk as far as Sainsburys (2 minutes up the road).

From then on in, it kinda went downhill. I got sick (shock, eye roll, eye roll), went home for some TLC from my parents, and jumped right back into university and 4 deadlines!

In between all the crapiness there has been some fun too! Sara turned 20, we decorated the flat and celebrated with brunch, bowling and cupcakes, then the following weekend celebrated again (this time with all the boyfriends) with a buffet, Mr and Mrs and cards against humanity.

My dad also had a birthday and I was there to celebrate which was so nice as I missed it last year, so the four of us (mom, dad, me and Max) went for a curry and some drinks, it felt so good being able to spend some quality time with my dad (and my mom of course) because I honestly feel like he is my best friend.

I spent a couple of weeks apart from Max which was rough when we spent all of December, Christmas and New Year together, so it felt special getting to see him again and have a good old catch up!

By some miracle I submitted my first essay of second year, and am now well into reaching my next three deadlines! I feel good with how I’m doing so far, stressed, but it is going well!

I have done a lot more bullet journaling this month! I started using my bujo in December when I was planning blogmas, and I am currently daily tracking some habits to make sure I’m taking care of my self, drinking water, taking meds, going for walks and getting uni work done but also having down time too.

Here are a few snaps from this month…

and not forgetting this month’s favourites…

Album / Playlist: Simply Classic Hits Playlist (basically some great throwback tunes that you used to dance to at family weddings)

Song: IDGAF – Dua Lipa

TV / Movie: Greys Anatomy

Place: Manchester (obvs…)

Memory: Sara’s second birthday weekend with Max, Trav and Brad (I had not seen Brad for 7 months prior to this!)

Food: anything stodgy to be honest haha

Drink: peach fizzy water

Accomplishment: handed in first assignment of second year

M x

October in photos

What a month it has been. Amongst the hectic vibes of starting second year of uni, I’ve somehow found time to see Max, get drunk, party and go to a couple gigs!

tempImageForSave (4)
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Jimmys with my best friend Erin for her gig
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Lyd’s surprise party
tempImageForSave (3)
The Cosmics
art gallery
art gallery 2
tempImageForSave (2)
junkyard max
tempImageForSave (1)
junkyard maddie
junkyard clown
my life
glitter docs
balcony view
sunday roast goals
coffee love
The Bright Black @ Food & Drink Festival

September in photos

September has been fit to bursting: trips to Huddersfield, Birmingham, Manchester, had surgery, turned 22, enrolled on my second year of uni and got very, very drunk!!

photo booth fun!

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my birthday with Amy

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my birthday with Travis and Max

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My birthday with Travis, Amy & Max

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My birthday with Max


Sara, Lydia, Amy, Travis & Max

IMG_5312Me & Amy

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Me & Amy

IMG_5294Me & Amy





Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_5279

Best balloon ever!!


Birthday decorations


IMG_5278Alberts Schloss meal




before the most amazing meal with my love



how cute!!

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looking v impressed with it being my birthday haha

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most amazing glittery rainbow shoes I have ever laid eyes on


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fave album

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catch up with my bestie Erin!



Max & Lady



First trip out after surgery!


Me and my sister after my surgery!


sleepy long doggo

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my two fave beings


literally obsessed

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cutest nose ever


Joe & Chris

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Castle Hill sunset


enjoying the sunset over castle hill

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beautiful evening (if only a little cold!)

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Happy new home!!

My beautiful nanny on her surprise 80th birthday meal!

My aunty has the cutest new kitten called Beauty! So affectionate and cuddly!

Happy birthday to you…

The Bright Black @ Band on the Wall

The Bright Black @ Band on the Wall


M x

August faves


Album: Something To Tell You – Haim

Song: Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

TV / Movie: Skins! I’ve been re-watching the show from the beginning and I’ve nearly finished it, was a teen fave show for me so it’s been great watching it again with Max! That and Game of Thrones, another summer fave!

Place: Manchester! I have been so lucky to have my flat in Manchester over the summer time this year, and I’ve found it really hard to leave behind coming back to Birmingham for a few weeks. I have definitely found a place that I love to call home!

Memory: August has been full of some amazing, unforgettable memories! My fave probably has to be 110 Above Festival (blog post coming soon!)

Food: Costco brownies!

Drink: Going to sound super boring, but – Sparkling water haha

Photo: Processed with VSCO with oak3 preset110 Above Festival with my pals!

Accomplishment: I explored a lot more creative avenues this month which is a path I definitely want to delve further into

M x