23before23 #10 Dying My Hair

When I was 12 I got dared by my sister’s best mate to dye my hair ginger…I did, I loved it, and the hair dye addiction begun.


I started to dye my own hair when I was sixteen, I remember so clearly having my last day at school, walking out, getting my nose pierced and colouring my hair purple to match my new nose stud. It is safe to say that I haven’t looked back since.


My hair has been every colour that I could have imagined since then, pink, purple, green, blue, black, grey, blonde, brunette, and every colour in between.


Honestly, I don’t think I ever want to give up colouring my hair, it’s always been a way of showcasing my personality and speaking for me without me having to open my mouth.


Recently my wonderful hairdresser Angela offered me a hair modelling job! She got some absolutely beautiful metallic colours in from the new milk_shake range and needed to try them out on someone and she said I’d be the perfect candidate. I of course said yes, who says no to a free day in the salon knowing that you’re going to leave with fresh hair?!


We opted for two colours to run through my hair, the metallic violet and metallic pink. The colours are beautiful and really add a shimmering metallic undertone, especially when out in this beautiful sunshine we are having!


I also want to add that the smell is something else, and I mean that in a really really good way!! The sweet scent is subtle but much more pleasant than the classic hair dye chemical smell.

I am so excited for a summer of experimenting with my hair!

Journaling Maddie 




August; please can you just slow down a little?!

Long time no post!

August has been on the hectic side, to say the least.

It honestly feels like I’ve not had time to just sit back and take it all in so I’m taking a rare non-busy day to reflect on the month so far.

Although it has been crazy busy and jam packed, I’ve been having so much fun with everything that’s been going on!

1st-2nd August:

These few days were spent catching up with the bloody lovely Amy and Travis! I’d not seen them for around a month whilst they were travelling around Thailand and it was so nice to have a good old nitter natter about their travels and a few glasses* of wine.

*maybe bottles


3rd August:

I went home today, back to Birmingham. It was only a flying visit, but it was really nice to spend part of the evening with my parents, Max, my sister and her boyfriend Tom. We went to Pesto which is an Italian tapas restaurant.

Later in the evening we went into town to meet with Curtis, Max’s best friend since pretty much forever! We had a nice surprise that some of the other guys came to meet us too, some, including Curtis, we haven’t seen since New Years.

It’s always a good time hanging out with this lot because it’s so effortless and we always have plenty to catch up on!


4th-7th August:

Max and I went to 110 Above Festival this weekend! It was super fun and got me in the proper “camping, drinking, getting no sleep” kinda festival mood, but unfortunately this is the only one we are attending this year. I’m gonna do a whole post all about this weekend because I have so much to ramble on about, and plenty of photos to share!


8th August:

Another flying visit home, we spent most of this day having a massive lie in to recover from the weekend at 110! When we finally surfaced we grabbed some lunch and packed for our upcoming trip to Manchester.

In the evening we went over to my Nan & Granddad’s house as it was my Uncle Paul’s birthday, so we did the classic Chinese takeout and birthday cake sort of evening with the family, which was really special to me because I got to spend time with my cousin Oli, his girlfriend who I’d not met before, my grandparents and my uncle, all who I very rarely see since moving to Manchester.



9th August:

This was potentially the most stressful morning of my life. Max accidentally ordered double the amount of train tickets than we actually needed so we were trying to clean up that mess, whilst also getting all our shit in the back of my dad’s car (we packed way too much – shock!) and getting to the train station on time to make sure we didn’t miss our connecting train from Birmingham to Manchester!

We managed to successfully pull it all off – no idea how mind you – and got into my flat just before the rain started chucking it down!

After this we had a lazy 24 hours: dyed my hair like a my little pony, sleeping, eating and catching up on Game of Thrones (finally!).



10th August:

Amy came home with an absolute hair disaster. For some reason the hairdresser she went to see did the complete opposite of what she wanted and thought that was an okay thing to do!

So we spent this evening, all four of us (Amy, Trav, Max and myself), in Amy’s bedroom drinking and whilst the lads did boring admin laptop stuff, I bleached Amy’s hair twice before deciding to call it a night!


11th August:

The hair rescue mission continued today, with one more bleach and a colour attempt (which didn’t go as planned).


12th August:

Amy & I got up early and took a trip to Superdrug to find a different hair dye before today’s festivities begun. We picked up a box of Blue Mercury, and went back to the flat to speed dye the rest of Amy’s hair, just to get 3/4 of the way through to realise we didn’t have enough dye!

So I ran back out to Superdrug, my hands covered and stained by blue dye, wearing the most miss-matched lazy outfit – the looks I got were intense haha, to grab another box.

Somehow, and I’m really not sure how, we managed to pull it off and dye Amy’s hair and get ready for a day of festivals all in a matter of hours, with plenty of time to spare!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but Amy’s boyfriend Travis is the lead singer of an absolutely fabulous band called The Bright Black (and you should definitely click the link and give them a listen)! Anyway, the band were playing 2 festivals on this day, the first being in Rochdale and the second in Hebden Bridge.

Hande (the girlfriend of Sam from the band) met us at our flat then we all piled into Amy’s car and drove to Rochdale for the first festival. It was such a cute set up, I think free festivals are such a great idea for the community, especially being family friendly fun in the summer hols!

We had a few hours to kill so had a walk around the site and eventually settled on sitting in Yates’ for a few drinks and some food before the band took to the stage.

6pm rolled around and the guys got on stage and played an awesome set, the man who introduced them said that they in fact played last year too and so many people emailed the council asking them to come back and play the following year, and the only band to play two years in a row!

After the Rochdale Feelgood Festival, we all piled back into the cars and Amy drove us to Hebden Bridge. The drive was so pretty but didn’t half feel like we were in the middle of absolutely nowhere, the views were stunning though!

This venue was so stuffy, it was like the oxygen levels were just non-existent! This gig was great though, it was for Pride and it was so nice to be in a room full of people celebrating something so so important!

The guys played another great set, and then we stuck around to watch the last band, before once again piling into the car and finally getting back to Manchester around 1am!

Such a bloody long day but had the best time!!


13th August:

Today is my “I have a few hours to sit down and do nothing so I should probably blog”day. Amy is a total trooper and set off early this morning to start her new job, I had a bit of a lie in but started to feel a lil gross so got up showered and ate, Trav has just got back from shopping and Max has just surfaced from bed.

So a lazy afternoon from here on out I think, I have lots of photos to go through and edit from the past few weeks, but that’s all I really want to achieve today. Later on this evening I believe the four of us are heading to The Knott to have a Sunday roast!


(Edit: the roast was incredible)

I hope the rest of August is this jam packed, it has been exhausting but I’ve made some pretty bloody lovely memories so far! August, if you could slow down a tad then that would be fab, I’m starting to get Summer blues already and it’s not even over yet!


M x