February 2018

February has been a whirlwind of a month. It has been deadline after deadline, but finally I get a break!

I had a couple of crappy drs appointments at the beginning of this month but as always the pros outweigh the cons so I won’t dwell on this one here and move right on to some of the fun stuff!

The first weekend in Feb was spent at local venue Jimmy’s watching The Bright Black supporting YungBlud which ended up in a night out at HoldFast which is my fave bar in the Norther Quarter of Manchester!

The day after that I was rocking a hangover with Amy at the Principle Hotel, at their venue Copperface Jack’s, decorating for the third year uni ball. We spent all day there blowing up balloons and making the venue look pretty and meeting a spec, which was pretty fun and another thing to add to my events CV. From what I remember we spent our evening eating leftover lasagne, playing sims and cuddled up in many, many blankets in our freezing cold flat haha.

Max surprised me with a mid-week visit on his day off, so we went camera and record shopping (I got a De La Soul record and a Clean Cut Kid single for £8 altogether – bargain!), grabbed lunch at the infamous pizza hut lunch buffet and then had a nice quiet night in.

By some miracle, I got a first! Like an actual real life first at university. My first one at that too! It has defo been a confidence boost and a motivator for the rest of my assignments. I passed first year but my goal for second year is a 2:1, so watch this space!

A friend’s birthday resulted in last minute drinks at a local bar, which was a nice mid-week break from uni work.

To celebrate my first, Max was due to be taking me to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman, however he fell ill in the night, so we spent the whole day in Manchester Royal Infirmary (fun!), but thankfully he is okay and back on his feet!

I had to do a presentation, I hate doing presentations. But I think it went pretty well, and I am just so glad that it is over!

Max got the walking bug, so we went for a trek along Marsden Moors, which I think would’ve been more pleasant with sunshine and rainbows but we had rain, wind and freezing cold climates up until the last half an hour hahaha. But it was a lovely walk and an excuse to get out in the countryside, and by some miracle we felt fine the next day and ended up taking a day trip to Leeds (where I treated myself to some flash Zara trousers). A weekend full of dates which is rare for us but we really did just have the best time!

Jon waiting for us when we got back to Max’s

My wonderful best friend and flatmate Amy put on her first gig as Girl Boss, which was bloody ace and I really am so proud of how far she has come and everything she is achieving, and how she’s following her dreams, it is such an inspiration. (sop over, soz). My other beautiful best friend and flatmate (fellow blogger too – Specifically Sara) performed at the gig and she was absolutely amazing too! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much talent. We may or may not have ended up in Holdfast and then a karaoke bar afterwards too (and absolutely murdered S Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True – but it was all a good laugh)!

I got a call off my parents saying they were going to visit my sister for the weekend with my dog, so I jumped on a train to go see them for the day and it was so lovely. I really wish I could see them more but it just makes it even more special when I do! We went for coffee, some retail therapy, had lots of doggie cuddles and a good catch up.

How beautiful is my dog?!

My wonderful Max set up a company last year and this month I have been helping him pull everything together ready for the first release! Last month we recorded the insanely talented Toby Burton and the videos are coming out very soon so if you’re keen then you should definitely check out the In Session FaceBook page!

Album / Playlist: The 50 Shades Freed soundtrack ahhhhh !!

Song: My besties, The Cosmics, have released their song “Waste of Time” on Spotify so it has been on repeat!  

TV / Movie: I had about a month’s worth of Hollyoaks to catch up on so February has been taken over by that haha

Place: Lancaster – so pretty!

Memory: Not a great memory but they can’t all be fabulous, I had to take Max into hospital, this is my memory of February purely because Max never ever has to go to the hospital, I’m usually the poorly one so it makes a change and needed to be documented hahaha.

Accomplishment: Did I mention that I got a first?

M x


Day 11 – A Day Trip to Lancaster

My sister moved up to Lancaster with her boyfriend a couple of months ago, and with uni out of the way for this year I decided to pay them a visit!

Max and I got up early and wrapped up because it was snowing in Manchester, however Lydia said it wasn’t snowing in Lancaster and wasn’t due to either so we were looking forward to a dry day walking around the town.

It snowed the whole hour we were travelling for to get up there, but mysteriously stopped once we hit Lancaster. Lydia came to meet us at the train station and we walked to her place and caught up with her & Tom over coffee and cake in their lovely home. After about 15 minutes we realised that it had actually started snowing and it was coming down thick and fast!! We all clambered into Tom’s car and went to Williamson Park, Lydia explained that on a clear day you can see for miles and miles, but all we saw was snow, and lots of it (I am definitely not complaining, it was stunning, like a magical winter wonderland)!

We had a little walk around the Ashton Memorial which was stunning and had 360 balcony views which again was incredible with all the snow falling around us!!

Ashton Memorial looking incredible covered in snow!
Max and I outside Ashton Memorial
The view from one of the balconies
Enjoying the snow from indoors
Max on the balcony
Lydia outside Ashton Memorial
Inside Ashton Memorial
Inside Ashton Memorial

Then we walked around some of the grounds, to a fountain and a mini waterfall. It was all so pretty and looked especially so covered in snow, but I would also love to go back on a summers day! Max spent a lot of time annoying me kicking snow at my bare ankles (I wasn’t truly weather prepared) so we decided to take a break and go for some lunch. It was in a giant greenhouse pretty much haha, and was a cute bistro cafe type place, we all had sandwiches and chips whilst we warmed up, Tom made friends with a dog, and we recharged before heading back out in the snow.

We wandered a little while longer then decided we were all too cold and went back to the house haha. We had a chat for a while then headed back off to the train station to get warm and cosy in Manchester.

snow docs

IMG_1369IMG_1387Processed with VSCO with nc preset



oh Max…
warming up in the train station


It was such a lovely day, so so nice seeing my sister again after such a long time and it was the perfect day for it with the incredible snowfall!

such a beautiful day with Max, Lydia and Tom

M x