Day 25 – Seville Day 6, Christmas Day & Blogmas Is Over

Merry Christmas!!

I am stuffed full of paella and ready to call it a night! So not my traditional Christmas but I am proud of myself for doing something new and out of the ordinary.

I have had a wonderfully weird Christmas Day, an amazing time in Seville so far and I some how also managed to finally complete blogmas!! I was totally convinced I would fail but I managed to pull it out the bag haha. Now time to take a step back from the blog (until the end of the week haha) and have some much needed time away from my phone!

Hoping everyone has had a magical Christmas, however you’ve chosen to spend it!

M x


Day 24 – Seville Day 5

This is the most un-christmassy Christmas Eve ever!

The chronic illness flared up this morning so it’s been a long day for me. But it has all been so incredible, regardless. The only thing open on Christmas Eve here is the palace, so we booked in to go there, and spent all day wandering the grounds. It was the perfect weather for it too, beautiful sunshine and heat, but plenty of shade to hide in too (and consuming probably one too many americanos)!

I spent this evening with Max and his parents at a traditional Seville church. It was simply glorious, so grand and incredibly Catholic! We celebrated mass in Spanish, which Max’s mom loved as that is what she was brought up with in Latin America, so it felt pretty special being there and learning her tradition too.

I didn’t take as many photos today as I struggled with holding my phone with my joints hurting so much, but here’s what I’ve got:

M x

Day 23 – Seville Day 4

It has been another super duper long day! Started with a crepe and coffee, ended with a late night walk, and a whole lotta other stuff in between! A trip to the cathedral, a walk up 34 flights of a tower (and 34 back down again, oh my poor poor knees), sitting in the beautiful courtyard, pizza pizza pizza, wandering around some shops, heading to the mushroom, facetiming my parents from the top of it, cocktails, napping, dinner, and sangria!

Saturday, you’ve been wonderful.

M x

Day 22 – Seville Day 3

I am falling asleep as I’m typing this! Today has been so full on, incredible, but full on. We started the day by heading over to the fine art museum, which had some beautiful courtyards and gardens amongst the art.

We made a quick pit stop at McDonalds then grabbed a taxi to the Plaza, where we spent the majority of today.

After spending hours upon hours here, we went back to the hotel and napped (I think I spent too much time in the sun and it zapped me of all my energy)! We went out for pizza (which was incredible) then met up with Max’s family for a coffee, went to a stunning church with Max’s parents then stopped off for dessert on the way home.

Now just all snuggled up in bed, we are watching Disjointed on Netflix trying to drown out the noise of the festivities underneath us before getting a good sleep for another full day tomorrow!

M x

Day 21 – Seville Day 2

Today has felt like the longest day ever!

We woke at 9 but snoozed the alarm, I think we were so overtired last night that we struggled to properly sleep! Once we were up we showered, got ready and head out to the camera shop! Once Max got some film for his cameras, we stopped off for a coffee.

Afterwards we wandered into some shop that caught my eye, and I am so glad we did because I picked up the most gorgeous jacket from there for such a good price! We then turned the corner and watched / listened to an orchestra for a while which was so stunning!

We walked for a while through some rag markets then stopped off for some paella which was so tasty but came served with a crustacean on top (not sure how I felt about that).

After having a catch up with Max’s family, we all parted ways and walked about the part of town we were in. There were so many beautiful dogs so I was very happy haha! We came across a few things on this side of town before heading back through the shops…

As we spent so much of today wandering around and exploring, we spent the rest of the day just chilling at the hotel before heading out for (more) paella and sangria!

(this is the jacket I was talking about!)

We went back for another lie down haha then back out for cocktails with the whole group of us which was so lovely as we all got to chat about the different things we did today!

M x

Day 20 – Seville Day 1

Getting up at 6am, travelling down to london and getting a flight was all so so worth it to spend this first evening in Seville.

It has been so beautiful walking around the old town, having some Spanish food and spending time with Max’s family.

So excited to get up tomorrow and have a proper explore in the daylight!

my read for the plane!before we took off

looking fresh out the ima celeb jungle in this hat!

festive orange tree

horse drawn carriages

outside of the cathedral

in the centre square

M x

Day 19 – The Advent Fairy Part 2

This is part two of the Advent Fairy gifts, if you are confused or missed the first one, you can get the full explanation and part one here!

I love photo props, we had some for Halloween too – they just make photos more fun!
Another novelty hat
A festive wine glass (my mom knows me too well)
My favourite wine
A wine hugger. How damn cute is this?!
I rarely eat chocolate but when I do Jaffa Cakes are the one
Nothing says Christmas like Christmas socks…right?
Love a good Christmas ornament!
This was just too cute!! A skillet and cookie mix so I can make festive cookies with my flatmates


M x