July 2018

July has been a bit of a whirlwind month for me, as has August so far hence the delay in this post going up!

The month began with Max, his parents and their friends all having a cute garden party. It was all very sweet with some delicious nibbles and drinks being passed around alongside great company and conversation. The 28 degree heat and glorious sunshine definitely played a part too!

Getting to see Erin and Gina is a dream as of late. When I left school at 16 life took us all in very different directions, and the 7 years that have passed have been difficult in a sense of trying to see each other or even having time to send messages between ourselves. But this Summer has been amazing for being able to see them, and I am grateful for our patience over the past 7 years that we managed to persevere because being able to see them semi regularly has been super rewarding!
We take it in turns to host nights, and I was in charge this time! Vegan pizza & ice cream, wine, board games, gossip and catch ups, it’s like no time has passed at all.

The wonderful Angela dyed my hair but you can read all about that right here.

The journey to Huddersfield began and I decided to stop at Manchester for a little catch up with Amy and Sara which was lovely!

With the World Cup in full swing we went to watch the semi’s at Corner (a fave cute find Huddersfield) with so much hope for the England team but we were left feeling totally deflated when we lost. We did however have a great evening, throughout the whole world cup the general spirit of the nation was so surprising and uplifting!

The weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine, drinking cold coffee in Espresso corner and pottering around town. We got to see The Incredibles 2, which definitely lived up to expectations, I felt like a big kid all over again! Afterwards I wished that we had watched the first one directly beforehand, but regardless, it was a great watch and I really want to see it again.

I planned a surprise date night for Max on my last evening in Hudd. Whilst he was at work I tidied the house top to bottom, pre-ordered Dominos, got out some freshly washed pj’s, lit some candles and poured two gin and lemonades. Once he was home from work the pizza arrived and we put on his choice of film, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (not a bad choice but not quite ‘Clueless’…) and snuggled up into bed and just had the most chill evening we have had in a long time. It was lovely just to see Max truly be able to relax after months of hard work!

Erin told G and me of a pub quiz in one of our fave local hangs, so we headed down and absolutely bottled it if I’m totally honest hahaha! But it was such good fun, we did come 3rd so at least we weren’t last and we had such a laugh and a much needed catch up.

My parents took me out for a meal at a local tapas restaurant. Now, this was a big deal for me, two things terrify me when it comes to eating, 1. Public eating, and 2. Tapas. This was a big, emotional hurdle for me but the world didn’t crumble around me and I didn’t implode so that’s a massive step forward! But moving onwards…

Erin, G and I went to ASK Italian for a catch up and I ate exclusively vegan, which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. As I have previously mentioned, I am in eating disorder recovery and I am on a very strict eating schedule currently. I have been vegetarian for a while, but skip out on dairy to try and help control my endometriosis better. I’d love to go vegan but it’s not the right time for me in my recovery, but eating out I do challenge myself to eat vegan!

I had the most beautiful customised vegan pizza with peppers, mushrooms and olives and a delicious glass of wine!

It was the perfect time for a good long catch up and we spent hours upon hours chatting which was much needed for all three of us.

The next day was a long car journey up to Huddersfield, in an attempt to move Max from one house to another with his parents. We took a break and went to Halifax again for the day, it was an odd combination of blue skies, 30 degree heat and sunshine, mixed with random bursts of thunder and lightning rain storms!

I was worried John (the cat) wouldn’t be about especially with the weather being so bad, but he pulled through and came to say goodbye, which broke my tiny heart, I love him so so so much and I firmly believe that he always knew when I was feeling down, he would always pop up whenever I was having a bad day. I know it sounds crazy and kind of cheesy but that street cat was my absolute fave and always cheered me up!

Of course it would be torrential the weekend of moving house, but we managed to get it done over the two days and felt very accomplished whilst sat in the new house eating Chinese food and having a good catch up with Joe and Chris.

After a couple of days of settling into the new house, we jumped back on a train and I went straight into work, before packing for 110 Above Festival.

This festival is really special to me, Max and I have been going for the past 3 years, the first year we attended by chance, whilst we were looking for something to do over our anniversary weekend, we loved the line up so had a bit of a ‘yolo’ moment and we haven’t looked back since!

But that will have a whole separate other post, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Some July faves…

Album / Playlist: The 110 Above Festival playlist on Spotify to prep me for the festival at the start of next month!

Song: Another The 1975 track this month (soz, not soz) “Love It If We Made It”, major heart eyes.

TV / Movie: Started watching Ackley Bridge, was so sceptical at first as it just seemed like a new era Waterloo Road but I am really enjoying it so far

Place: I feel like my feet haven’t really touched the ground this month, so my favourite place this month would have to be the train!

Memory: Getting to see my lovely Erin and G, it makes the world of difference when I’m stuck at home.

Accomplishment: This will have to be going for tapas and not having a total meltdown! A big F you to my eating disorder and a big step forward in my recovery!!

This month was lovely, intense, hard, and all the emotions in between, balancing the socialising, travelling, full time working, weekly hospital appointments and regular flare ups, it’s all getting a bit much!

So please in advance accept my apologies for the potential lack in posts over the next month or two. I’m about to hit a very crucial point in my eating disorder recovery process and I need to give it 110%, so I’m possibly going to have to put the blog on the back burner for the foreseeable as my recovery is my main priority right now.

I hope you all had a beautiful July and I will see you soon,

All of my love as always,

Journaling Maddie 




June 2018

June has just involved a whole lot of back and forth between Manchester, Huddersfield and Birmingham but I wouldn’t change it at all!

The month kicked off with Toby Burton’s EP launch at The Parish in Huddersfield. Toby is the first artist that Max and I worked with for In Session so we naturally wanted to go and show our support. The gig was great and we picked up one of his EP’s, although you can listen to it on Spotify and I’d really recommend it because he is such a talented songwriter and performer.

The following day Max and I got the train into Leeds to spend our Wagamama’s voucher and have a wander around the record stores. There was a cute dog on the train back so obviously that day was a 10/10.

I went home and started a new job, just a Summer job picking up a few hours here and there at my mom’s office doing odd jobs and filing, but it’s been keeping me busy whilst at home which is always a plus.

Jumping in the car with Max’s parents to spend a bit of time with them in Huddersfield was lovely, before getting on the train to Manchester to see Taylor Swift at the Etihad. Honestly I’d never been a big fan of hers but seeing her live has changed my opinion highly! I happened to go by chance, but if you ever get the opportunity to see her I would beyond recommend it and I’m looking forward already to when she next tours again!

Back to Huddersfield the following day, I spent the beautifully sunny afternoon with Max and Peter, having a drink in Greenhead park and a good chin wag. We also walked by Max’s new house that he’ll be moving into next month so it was good to get an idea of the area he’s living in.

Once again, back on a train to Manchester, this time with Max, to see Haim at the Apollo, and it was incredible! I saw them last in 2014 at Glastonbury and I was obsessed, so it was amazing to see how much they’ve changed (for the better) over the years. They played a good amount of their old songs too rather than just the whole of the new album so that was refreshing!

The following evening was spent in A&E due to my worst endometriosis flare up since my surgery last September. It was a bit disheartening that this has happened again, however the doctors were lovely and very understanding, I was prescribed a lot stronger pain relief and they gave me a clear plan of what to do if this pursues.

A few days of bed rest was made better by meeting up with Max, Chris, Henry and Matt after a training day for their new job (suddenly ruined by me being sick in the toilets *classy* and having to go home).

Back to Manchester again but this time to walk across the city with some amazing people for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. The weather just about held dry, and it was just lovely seeing everyone again and being able to raise some money and awareness for a really important cause.

You can find more information as to why we did this walk, and donate money too, here:


We had a chill few days in Huddersfield, Max took a couple days off work too which was really lovely as we got a proper chance to have some us time and relax a little!

Our 4th anniversary rolled around and we celebrated with a lie in, a walk into town fuelled by coffee, and an evening date night at Lala’s Indian (incredible, 10/10 would recommend).

The following day was spent pottering around The Piece Hall in Halifax, but I’m going to do a whole other blog post on that so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon!

I went back to Birmingham but only two days at work before going to the caravan in Bournemouth with my parents and Lady. This was Lady’s first time at the caravan, but also her first ever trip to the beach and seaside!

(It should be noted that I’m currently writing this in 30 degree heat, on the veranda of the caravan with a beer in hand – cheers!)

She has been so good, I was worried at first because she’s so nervous around other dogs, but I think as it’s a whole new place to her she’s just focussed on taking it all in rather than crying at other dogs haha.

The weather has been incredible, as previously mentioned, so each day has been spent trying to get out and do stuff as early as possible to avoid being out in the heat of the day, chilling during the middle of the day then going to the beach for a walk in the evenings.

Honestly I wasn’t sure about coming away, as much as I adore spending time with my parents, like every twenty-something, I need my space too, but this has been a perfect combination of the two which has been very pleasant and not at all suspected.

My month ended the best way possible, Max came home for the weekend and I got to see Erin and Gina too! It’s so difficult trying to find time to see the girls, as they live here and for the past two years I’ve not left Manchester for longer than a week (until now). But even now that I’m back we all still have so many commitments, Gina is smashing it at work and Erin is somehow balancing working full time and being in a really cool band, playing festivals all Summer! So it is really treasured when we do get to spend time together, especially because it is so few and far between.

It wouldn’t be a monthly without some faves so here goes:

Album / Playlist: My role at work means I basically lock myself in a room for hours on end sorting files, which can send you a lil stir crazy as I’m sure you could imagine, so I needed some motivational music to get me through, and the album I am constantly going back to is “Death of a Bachelor”, which is a massive revisit, however the more I think about it, it’s definitely in my top 5 albums.

Song: Although June has been the month of all months for new releases, The 1975’s new track “Give Yourself A Try” was top of my priorities and it did not disappoint!

TV / Movie: I binged hard on TV this month after all of my deadlines were out of the way, but my favourite has to be Hollyoaks, it has covered so many important topics these past few months and it’s amazing to see the hard work and dedication put into portraying them excellently and accurately.

Place: The caravan, it’s the home of a million of my childhood memories and I love being in my 20s and still enjoying it and making more memories!

Memory: Taking my gorgeous doggy for her first seaside holiday.

Accomplishment: Getting into the swing of having a job again!

Journaling Maddie x

May 2018

May has been the most scarily intense month I’ve experienced in a long while. It has been a super bumpy rollercoaster of emotions and I am definitely ready to give myself a bit of a time out from everything.

So, May has been my second year deadline month. Every week of the month I have had hand ins. It was stressful, but I gave it my all, I put so much hard work into these assignments so I have everything crossed for my results! Honestly, I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that I have finished my second year at uni, and this time year I will be handing in my dissertation getting ready to graduate!

At the start of the month I went home for a clinic appointment. I have been putting off getting help with my eating for the longest of times, so I’ve settled with a lovely clinic back at home in Birmingham meaning that I can be there over Summer!

Within 24 hours I was back up North and in Huddersfield ready to spend the weekend recording a band in the studios for In Session. This was a super busy two days and before I knew it I was on the train to Selby to meet Amy & Trav. I’ve mentioned before about Amy and her kick-ass promotions company “GirlBoss”, and she did a home-town gig in York so I wanted to go along to support her. It was an incredible night, the venue was so different to anything I’d ever seen before and so many people came down! I spent the night at Amy’s then we spent the Monday celebrating her birthday with her family which was the sweetest thing! It was so nice to turn off all worries for the day about deadlines and just have a nice relax in the sunshine. Amy drove us back to Manchester later that day and had the most epic sing a long of sing a longs.

The 10th was Amy’s 22nd birthday and we had so much fun! We spent her actual birthday smashing out games of beer pong at Bunny Jacksons (the coolest venue/bar I’ve ever come across, and so close to where we live too), then the night after we went for food and drinks with some amazing people to celebrate her birthday! As always, we ended up dancing the night away in Holdfast!

The rest of that weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, and I was starting to feel very stressed about deadlines, so I went back to Huddersfield for a few days to literally lock myself away and focus on uni. Come Thursday, I had to go back to Manchester to do a presentation, but I hopped back on a train that evening to Huddersfield to surprise Max at his gig, which was so much fun! I’m really glad I went, all of Max’s hard work paid off and it was so rewarding to watch it all unfold after months of planning.

Straight back to Manchester the following day for another one of Amy’s gigs, which was insane to see so much acoustic talent! We headed straight off to Chris’ gay icons birthday party. We spent so long trying to think of costumes, I just ended up going as Britney Spears haha.

The next day I’m pretty sure I was still drunk, before the most horrific hungover kicked in. Max and I somehow managed to peel ourselves out of bed and into town for a breakfast to try make us feel some what not like zombies. We totally missed the Royal Wedding, which was a shame but it was nice to watch some clips afterwards to see what all the fuss was about.

22nd of May came around super fast, and it was a difficult day. It marked one year from the arena attacks in Manchester, and honestly, I can’t believe how quick that year has gone. I don’t want to talk about this for too long, but all I will say is that I took a stroll through town and all of the memorials were absolutely stunning, so fitting and moving. I feel so lucky to be based in such a beautifully kind hearted city, the sense of community is so amazing to witness.

Fast forward a couple of days, my last deadlines were handed in, my parents were in Manchester to move me out, and I was ready (physically, by no means emotionally) to go home for Summer. My last night in Manchester was spent at Dot to Dot festival and I am so glad that I went, it felt like a real party, just time for me to let my hair down and enjoy my last day in Manchester for a few months.

I hopped on a train to Huddersfield to see Max for a while before I went home properly. The bank holiday weekend was super fun, the weather was gorgeous so naturally, we had a BBQ and even the cutie pie that is John came for a visit (John is the cat that just loves Max’s house for some reason, but I won’t complain) although I’m pretty sure John is actually female but that’s cool, the name has stuck now after us calling her John for a year so whatever haha.

Album / Playlist: All The 1975 tracks, I’ve been listening in anticipation for the new release soon!

Song: John Mayer – New Light

TV / Movie: I totally blanked out on TV the past month with all those deadlines, but I’m very much looking forward to catching up on any TV shows that I can find haha

Place: Manchester, gonna miss it so much over the next few months!

Memory: way too many to whittle it down to one!

Accomplishment: completing my second year at uni!

Journaling Maddie x

April 2018

I feel like I say this in every single monthly, but wow this month has just flown by!

I don’t even know where to begin, April has been jam packed with a variation of everything I could think possible.

Uni has been getting me down, I just feel ready to be done with this year to be totally honest, I am really passionate about everything else in my life apart from uni at the moment haha. I know it’ll all pay off and help me with the direction I’m heading towards in my career so I just keep telling myself that. But with deadlines fast approaching, second year will be over before I know it – which can only be a good thing!

April has been a little bit of a head fuck (pardon my French). I feel like I spent this month having a constant battle with myself in my head, but I’m working on it, and I’m sure it will all get easier once deadlines are out of the way.

The month started with a sweet weekend with Max, making a Sunday roast, going to the cinema to watch Isle of Dogs (1 million percent recommend if you haven’t already seen it) and then going for cocktails with Amy, Travis and Chris at Slug & Lettuce.

Fast forward a few days to a boozy night with Amy & Trav at Dogbowl having a good old fashioned catch up!

(Spoiler alert: this month involves a lot of alcohol – as always!)

I spent a few days away with my family up in the Forest of Bowland, but I’ll skim over that as I will do a whole other blog post about that in a couple of weeks time.

Third term started back and boiiii is it intense, but I’ve already spoken a lot about uni, so moving swiftly on!

Amy put on another gig as Girl Boss (if you are Manchester based you should definitely check it out) and she smashed it as per usual, so awesome to see my best friend thriving in her career and living out her dreams!

I went to Leeds to see Alex, an old college friend, perform with his new band and he was so good – I felt like a proud mother hahaha. He created some visuals for it as well which is think is such a good idea, more people should do that for their gigs! It was so good to see him & Georgia too so that was a bonus.

The next couple of days were full on to say the least. The whole of Sunday was spent in the recording studios filming and recording a few tracks with The Bright Black for In Session, we are so proud of the outcome and I would really love it if you checked out our company and what we were getting up to! It was lovely to spend some time with the guys but to also do a full studio day which is something new for us as a company and great practice! We stopped midway through for some lunch and a beer which was a good way to wind down. After they’d gone we packed down and started prepping for the next day, which was on location at a beautiful independent coffee shop Espresso Corner, with fellow blogger (and also incredibly talented musician) Sara.

That was a totally different vibe to recording the full band in the studio, which was really interesting and a good challenge! The evening went by so fast, me and Sara had a good catch up, a quick stop off for food then on the train back to Manchester.

So there was like, a heatwave apparently, in Manchester for all of three days and it was freakin incredible! I went out bare legs, showing off all my bruises, sunglasses and crop topped and it was still unbearable (I am awful when it comes to the heat, get me some breeze though and we are all good). So yeah, the balcony has had a years worth of use in around 3 days after not being used for the whole of winter!

A few cocktails (again) with Amy, Trav, Sara, Grant, Chris and Max accidentally turned into a mini night out, but it felt good to let my hair down after long weeks at uni!

The Bright Black boys played a ma-hoooosive gig at the Academy, and it was so insane to watch! It was so nice to be out with such a big group of people all for one thing.

The next day we nursed the hangovers with a beaut Sunday lunch at Rain Bar (I honestly feel like I could have a whole section on reviewing the best Sunday lunches around Manchester haha), followed by a lazy afternoon in front of the TV.

A friend from home was touring with his band, so I couldn’t miss his Manchester show! It was a great night and I thought the band were insanely good!

I jumped on the train to Huddersfield to have a well-deserved time out! I spent a lot of my weekend cracking on with work but it felt good to be in a different environment.

Friday night was the last ever Hang The DJ, with some brilliant live music and a DJ set, accompanied with a great atmosphere it was a fab night, plus everyone else was sick apart from me so, small wins woo!

I didn’t take any photos of the night but I did wear my new purple flares so this seems to be the appropriate time to show them off:

We went to see Avengers and all I have to say is, you need to see it if you haven’t already.

A lazy Sunday strolling around Huddersfield’s Record Fair, Max picked up a Billy Ocean record that he’s been after for a while so it was a success, grabbing coffee and a catch up with Henry & Peter too made it the perfect Sunday to end this month!

Some favourites this April (soz, I totally forgot to do this last month, let’s just pretend that I did it yeah?):

Album / Playlist: So everyone else has been hating on it, but Sting and Shaggy’s 44/876 – what a musical combination!

Song: This is slowly becoming a section where I shout out pals music, so lets go with Midnight – The Bright Black

TV / Movie: A combination of the Netflix Original – Love, Hollyoaks who tackled a homeless storyline that I would recommend watching, The Lie Detective (great for binge watching), Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and of course the new Avengers!

Place: The Forest of Bowland, such a tranquil weekend away

Memory: 3 days of pure Summer heat and sunshine, engrained in my memory forever as we won’t get weather like this again for like another year probably

Accomplishment: Keeping on, keeping on, through some crappy mental health timezzz

Journaling Maddie x