23before23 #5: Catching some Zzz’s

Going to uni has totally butchered my sleeping pattern.

I take sleep for granted then I hit exam season and it’s like ooooo I could sleep all day and all night and avoid all responsibility or I could actually get a solid night’s sleep and not feel horrendous. However I seem to naturally be drawn to over sleeping, under sleeping and ruining my mentality totally.

Over the past month or so I have tried to really work on being more strict with myself, and my goodness the difference it has made is just incredible.

I’m definitely going to put into practice a strict, but doable, sleeping schedule this summer while I have time to experiment with what times are agreeing with my body etc. etc.

Getting a good nights sleep honestly changes the way I function, this time last year I would be up til 3am, just working, reading, watching TV or YouTube, now I struggle to get past 10pm hahaha (old person alert).

Looking back at my habits before, I was so grouchy, impossible to get out of bed in the morning. I think a lot of it was depression taking over, but I feel as I’ve got a better control over those feelings, sorting my sleeping pattern was a hell of a lot easier to tackle!

What worked for me was changing my habits that I was doing directly before bed time. So now I eat earlier, get all the TV out of the way earlier on in the day, go for a little walk to get some fresh air, do 15 minutes of anything like a quick cleaning frenzy, then cuddle up into bed with a book and a hot water bottle and my eyes are struggling to stay open for much longer than half an hour!

Do not fight those eyes closing!! If they are closing and heavy they are telling you that you are tired and need to sleep, listen to them! If you fight it you will just be overtired and consequently struggle to sleep when you try to. (Trust me, take it from someone who would stay up in to the early hours to chat to friends, or just binge-watching YouTubers then wondered why I felt completely ruined the next day).

I want to try meditation, and exercise a lot more over the following months, so hopefully it will all piece together like one giant puzzle.

Any good sleep tips?

Journaling Maddie x


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