23before23 #3: Hitting Some Blog Goals

I don’t really see many people talking about this, in fact I was pretty apprehensive to at first to be honest!

For me personally that is because “hitting blog goals” was never something I was striving for. This platform will forever be an online diary for me.

However, things change, and I want to use my platform to share but to also educate.

Last month I blogged a whole ton about endometriosis, and I was very keen when it came to checking my statistics, purely because I wanted to see who and how many people were interacting with those posts!

I made a few changes, I’m now just “journalingmaddie.com” which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while so that put a spring in my blogging step! My layout is different and I’m still unsure but for now I’m happy.

I think when it comes to hitting blogging goals, I’ve ticked a fair few off my list:

  • Having a domain name (it makes me feel much more professional hahah)
  • Sharing my blog
  • Getting more views than the month before
  • Raise awareness
  • Drive traffic to my blog!

Theres more that I want to do for sure, but that will all tie in with “being proud of my blog” which is on my 23before23 list!

Without going into too much detail with boring numbers and statistics (I say boring because I know a good majority of people hate that, but I’m such a geek when it comes to stuff like this), I am really proud of how much my blog has grown over the past couple of months. Even in comparison to last year’s 6 months of blogging, to this years 4 months of blogging, I have massively exceeded my traffic already which is just insane to me, but I know that it is through my promotion efforts this year, which ties in being open about my blog, sharing it on my personal Facebook, but also talking about chronic illness drove so many people to my blog, which was really important to me – not because of numbers but because I was so proud that hundreds of people read my posts educating all about endometriosis which is so rarely written about!

Of course, I want this to be successful, but I’m not like other bloggers, I don’t get mainstream fashion, I like to go weeks without wearing make-up, I struggle to fit into a niche but I am definitely going to stick to what I know!

So what’s next with hitting more blog goals? Sharing, communicating, connecting with other bloggers in my area, having a schedule and sticking to it, but most importantly talking about things that I love and have a passion for!!

Journaling Maddie x


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22 & online journaling day to day life

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