23before23 #2: Podcasts

I have been so stressed with uni deadlines this month and I felt like I was going to bed with my brain still so full of work thoughts, which really wasn’t helpful, so I decided that it was time to start breaking out the podcasts.

Getting into the habit of getting into bed and just popping my earphones in was difficult at first, as I’m a serial social media scroller at bedtime!

A friend of a friend recommended “My Favourite Murder” a little while back, and I managed to get into it really quickly. I love murder mysteries, conspiracy theories and getting into the minds of murderers and serial killers, so this was right up my street! I swear I’m not totally crazy, it’s just something that I have an interest in!

I would definitely recommend “My Favourite Murder”, Karen and Georgia are witty and so easy to listen to, I was reading through some of the reviews of the podcasts and somebody had simply put “makes me feel less weird” which I can definitely relate to haha.

There are 113 episodes of “My Favourite Murder” so I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied through the rest of my sleepless nights around deadline season!

I also got lost in Grace Helbig’s “Not Too Deep” podcasts. She has some really interesting guests covering a multitude of topics which was super easy to get invested in. It’s amazing listening to other YouTuber’s (like herself) talk about other things in their lives, careers before YouTube, personal struggles and just hearing a total other side to their YouTube personality/front as such.

I’ve found a ton of “self-help” style podcasts on there too which I’ve saved for future reference, but for now I want to finish “My Favourite Murder” (not entirely sure if that’s possible as they are still uploading more to this day haha). I’m 13 episodes in so far, so who knows, maybe I’ll be all caught up by my 23rd birthday!?

Do you have any podcasts that you love?! Let me know!!

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