The #23Before23 Movement

A little while back, I was ever so kindly invited to guest blog over on Specifically Sara, and I wrote a list of 23 things that I wish to achieve by my 23rd birthday.

I turn 23 on the 24th September, so I don’t have long to tick off everything on my list! Head over to my post to check out what exactly my list consists of.

The idea behind this movement is to enjoy the last 6 months of being 22, an age that I was dreading turning – so I’m trying to make it as fun and memorable as possible!

I’ll be blogging as usual but when I tick something off of my list, I’m gonna document it all over here on the blog and on my Instagram; with the hashtag #23before23.

So follow me on my journey to new beginnings, making a scene and having a lil bit of fun!

Journaling Maddie x 



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22 & online journaling day to day life

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