A-Z of Journaling Maddie

It’s probably around time I properly introduce myself after I’ve been here for so long already. Thought this would be a more fun way to get to tell you a little about myself, in a slightly unconventional way! Here is an A-Z of Journaling Maddie…

A is for Age – I turned 22 last September and will be 23 this year! I loved being 21, and I’m looking forward to 23 because I am not a fan of even numbers hahaha.

B is for Birthday – My birthday is September 24th and I was born at a hospital just around the corner from my home, in 1995. My older sister, who was just about to turn 2 was apparently more interested in the massive hospital chimney than coming in to see her brand new baby sister!

C is for Calendar – I have to put everything in a calendar, and by everything, I mean, everything.  I have a physical diary planner, a weekly rip-off planner, an array of online calendars (for personal, uni, blog and a joint one with Max), a calendar on my phone aaaand my bullet journal. Obsessed.

D is for Dislikes – As a general list of things I dislike, it varies from ladybugs, feet, butterflies, feeling paranoid, and cabin fever!

E is for Essential items – There are a few things that I feel incomplete without, one being my necklace (see jewellery), a cup of whole earth coffee alternative in the morning and my phone!

F is for Family – As mentioned in the birthday story above, I have an older sister and she is called Lydia. Despite the fact she was more interested in a chimney than me at first, we grew up to be such close friends. Although we aren’t as close anymore, she is now in Lancaster doing her Masters degree, so we try and make a conscious effort to see each other, and also check in with each other every now and then. I have the most incredible mom, she has been to hell and back with me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a strong woman to look up to. My dad is hands down my best friend, always has been and always will be! He taught me so much about life, he used to take me golfing and to tennis, and he most definitely gave me my “laddish” humour and traits.

G is for Go to – my “go to” thing would be cuddling up with a glass of wine, a hot water bottle, shit TV, and a blanket!

H is for Home – My home is in two places. My family home is the one I was brought up in, I lived there for 21 years, in the heart of Birmingham, surrounded by family and life long friends. When I turned 21, I moved to Manchester to go to Uni. I count this as my new home. I know there is always a home for me in Birmingham, but Manchester is where I hope to live for the rest of my life.

I is for Ice Cream – I try not to eat too much dairy, and ice-cream is one that I avoid like the plague! But recently I found my love for sorbet, and even more recently, dairy-free ice cream – INCREDIBLE!!

J is for Jewellery –  When my nan passed away 3 years ago, I sorted through a lot of her stuff with my family, and all the grandkids were allowed some jewellery. I had a few pieces but one I have always kept with me is a ring, which is gold with red stones, and one of the stones was missing when I got it, and still is – I think it makes it more interesting! I don’t really wear rings, but I kept it safe until I decided what to do with it. 2 Christmases ago, Max got me The 1975 necklace, because I had wanted it for so long, and they are my favourite band! A few weeks later, I decided to add the ring to the necklace. Since then, I have worn it every single day since. It feels so nice to keep Max, my favourite band, and my nan (who many said I take after personality wise) close to my heart every single day. 

K is for Kids – I never used to want kids. Then I got into a loving, long term relationship, and the ideas of having kids makes me want to have them right now! A matter of months ago I found out that my chances of having children are slim and that if I really want, I should try soon. Personally for me, right now is not the time to have children! I am midway through a degree and trying to sort out a career path. I have decided to just let nature take it’s cause. If one day, when I’m trying for a baby, it happens, then it happens. If my body decides otherwise, I am so open to every other option that is presented to me.

L is for Likes – Walking, taking too many photos, complaining, cuddling dogs, blogging and journaling!

M is for Music Industry – My degree specialises in the music industry. It is such an interesting and complex industry and I am still working my head around it, and think I will be for many years to come, but I am so excited to get back into working in the industry! I have previously worked for various promotors in Birmingham (I promise I’m not about to rattle off my CV to yous hahaha), and I had so much fun learning and getting to meet some incredible people!

N is for Name – In case my blog doesn’t give it away, my name is Maddie, short for Madeleine-Beth. Most people are baffled by my full name (including middle name and surname) as it is so long!

O is for Other half – I have the most incredible other half. I met Max when we were young teenagers. One of the first memories I have of Max, is I was training to be a live sound engineer, and when I turned up, Max was there and was told to move over to let me in so I could shadow the other engineer and a few years later he told me how much he hated me because he thought I was stealing his job – oh how things change hahaha.

P is for Pets – I have always been a pet lover. When I was a baby, we had the most gorgeous gentle giant, Bessie, who was a German Shepard. She was so patient and calm, but also a fierce protector. We had a hamster called George, because my granddad calls everyone George, so we thought we would avoid confusion and just call him George anyways haha! Shortly afterwards we got two guinea pigs called Sandy and Badger, and two bunnies called Lucy Lop and Lizzie Lop. We had a break from pets for quite a few years, when Bess died my dad was totally heartbroken. Around the time I turned 18, we fell in love with a retired greyhound called Glentar Lady, and we took her home as soon as we could. She is the most kind, caring, cuddle monster you could ever meet!

Q is for Quote – I don’t think I have a favourite quote, I have a weird infatuation with words so singling it down to one quote would just be far too hard. There are two I can think of off the top of my head, one being not long after the Manchester Arena attack last year, “This is our Manchester and the bees still buzz”. Another one I love is “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”, from Roald Dahl.

R is for Religion – I used to be really religious, I never understood it when I was younger, then when I turned 14 I found myself finding religion again. Over the years following I went on religious retreats in the UK, I read the bible, I sang in a choir, toured with a Christian rock band, and travelled to Lourdes on a pilgrimage to help the sick and elderly. Now I don’t practice, nor think too much about my religion, but I want to start reintroducing some positive affirmations back into my life.

S is for Song – My favourite song at the moment has to be Sting and Shaggy’s “Don’t Make Me Wait”, such a jam!

T is for Travel – I love to travel. From UK trips to worldwide ones, I get the travel bug so easily! I have been lucky enough to have some incredible family holidays, touring Germany and Holland performing with a Christian rock band, trips away with Max, Disney Paris with two of my incredible friends, and adventure camps in Spain, Italy and France with the Scouts.

U is for University – I go to university in Manchester. I study at a music uni, called BIMM. My degree is in Events Management – which is pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.

V is for Vision – I could’ve made this mega deep and talked about my vision of life, but instead let’s talk about my physical vision. I always refused to wear my glasses when I was younger, and boy am I paying for it now! My left eye is a blurry mess, so I wear my glasses pretty much all the time now, learning from younger Maddie’s mistakes!

W is for Ways to spend days off  – My days off are usually spent writing essays (in assignment periods), doing washing, going shopping, going out for lunch, blogging, playing Sims, or seeing Max! I like to take a step back on my days off but I still like to implement work in to those days too. I also have Thursdays off, so I tend to treat myself to a glass of wine or a G&T on Wednesday evenings!

X is for X-ray – (this one is so stupid but I couldn’t think of anything else hahaha) I’ve had my fair share of X-rays, my personal fave was when I had one on my ankle and they said it was sprained, but a few days later another x-ray said it was fractured and I was on crutches for 2 months and my ankle hasn’t healed since!

Y is for YouTube – I used to eat, breathe and sleep YouTube, then I went off it for a couple of years. Every now and then I will watch some channels that I love. My fave channels are Melanie Murphy, Hobbie Stuart, Ebony Day (& Our Tiny Tribe), Ellie & Jared, The Michalaks and Hannah Witton.

Z is for Zoo Animal – My fave zoo animal would have to be either an elephant or the big cats!


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