365 Days in Photos

Last year I set myself the challenge of documenting 365 days in photos on Instagram. I did this because I was stuck in a rut, feeling down and depressed, full of the January blues.

It was an incentive for me to get out of the flat whilst taking photos which is something I’ve always loved doing!

This definitely worked, I found myself exploring more of Manchester than I’d of ever imagined, even if it was just finding cute independent coffee shops in the Northern Quarter, or going the extra mile to find some cool street art to share.

I can’t quite believe that I managed to share a photo every single day for a year, but I got the desired affect so I couldn’t be happier – I felt less depressed and more motivated to go out and do/see something new!

Now that the challenge is over, I’ve decided not to do it again this year. Although I really enjoyed doing it, I don’t feel like I need it anymore at this moment in time! I’d love to document an important year in the future, but for now it’s back to aimlessly scrolling and uploading whenever I feel like it (probably not for another month or so now, I feel all Instagrammed out hahaha)!

I thought it’d be cute to share on here some of my favourite posts that I made over the past year and reflect on the good times, the hard times and the past 365 days!


The past 365 days have been amazing, and it has been even more amazing looking back through them and reminiscing!

M x



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