2017 Reflection

2017, what a year.

I saw the year in with some amazing friends and my boyfriend, I was shortly afterwards diagnosed with endometriosis, I finished my first year of university, I documented every single day on Instagram, I made new friends, rekindled old friendships, had hospital trip after hospital trip, celebrated 3 years with Max, drank a lot, went to so many gigs, explored new and old places, made the most of my summer with my love, had surgery to remove my endometriosis, started my second year of uni, was told my chances of having children is slim, celebrated my 22nd birthday with the most thoughtful people, relapsed with my poor mental health and disordered eating, took some pretty big personal steps to help myself, celebrated Max’s 21st birthday, by some miracle completed blogmas successfully, broke bad habits, had an early Christmas with my family, got on a plane to Seville and spent Christmas abroad with Max’s family, spent New Years Eve spontaneously dressed up as a mermaid in Manchester drinking an odd concoction of buckfast and irn bru and seeing 2018 in with some bloody incredible people.

2018, I’m ready for ya.

M x


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22 & online journaling day to day life

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