Day 15 – Christmas Day Traditions

Christmas Day in my home has always been go go go!

The tradition hasn’t changed much over the years, apart from where we all collate for lunch.

My classic Christmas Day usually begins at about 7am, when I get woken up by my sister (who is two years older than me – this tradition of her getting excited and waking up early has been there since we were kids! Some things never change haha). We wait for mom to come up and tell us it’s okay for us to come downstairs, then we all sit in the living room. Mom and Dad split the room into Maddie & Lydia sides so half of the room are my presents, the other half Lydia’s.

We sit and open presents, with a glass of bucks fizz in hand, and bacon butties on the go courtesy of dad! After this we usually go to church, then straight to my nan’s house to open more presents and see the whole family, which is so lovely.

This is where is changes most years. When I was a lot younger we would do Christmas dinner at my nan’s house, however that changed in my mid teens, when we started going out for lunch at a restaurant. This was always lovely and so nice that there wasn’t pressure on the family to cook however it didn’t seem as personal and wasn’t great for my little cousins wanting to run around and play with toys! So my lovely aunty Anne-Marie decided to take one for the team and we’ve been having dinner there every year since!

After lunch we usually play some games then have some home-made dessert and plenty of drinks (mainly alcoholic)! Then Anne-Marie works her magic again (she is an incredible chef) and puts a buffet platter out for late evening with some things to snack on, with tea & coffee whilst watching some shitty Christmas Day TV.

Just like I said in my Christmas Eve traditions blog, this year is going to be so different, I will be spending Christmas Day in Spain with Max’s family. I’m not really sure what we are doing other than going for lunch somewhere (I am super gutted to be missing out on Anne-Marie’s legendary Christmas dinner but I am so excited to be doing something new and changing the routine!!) and just chilling, but I am sure all will become clear!

How do you spend your Christmas Day?

M x



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