Day 13 – Christmas Bucket List

The fluctuation between my Christmas traditions is few and far between and has been that way since I was a child. As previously mentioned, I am throwing all tradition out of the frosty window this Christmas and swapping my norm for a sunny winter in Spain. But this has got me thinking. I hate change, like really really dislike it, and I feel like it stops me from exploring so many avenues in life, so I am setting myself a challenge this year. I have decided to create a Christmas Bucket List. I don’t want to put a time cap on it, I just want to have a list of new and exciting things to do over the Christmas period of my lifetime, to really shake up tradition!

  1. So I’m going to start with the obvious which is spend a Christmas abroad, which I’ll be doing this year, so can get ready to tick off soon!
  2. Another one which I will be able to tick off this year will be spending Christmas Day with Max’s family. For 22 years I have spent Christmas with my family, and I am going to miss them so much this year but I am thrilled and honoured to be spending Christmas with Max’s family!
  3. Have my own Christmas. Obviously in order to do this I will have to have my own place etc. however when the time comes I would love to give back to my family and host it myself, cooking and having the whole family over to say thanks for years of them doing this for me would just be incredibly uplifting.
  4. I definitely want to spend a Christmas volunteering. In fact there are a few places I would really love to volunteer at so I would love to do this for a few years! I particularly want to help out with homelessness at Christmas time, the lonely, the elderly and the much less fortunate.
  5. Pick out my own Christmas tree. Again this one will be a little further down the line but all I can envision right now is going to a garden centre and picking out my first ever Christmas tree for my first ever home and ahhhhh!! The fuzzies!
  6. I would really love to start a new tradition. As I’ve mentioned, my family have pretty strict traditions that we stick to yearly, but now me and my sister are getting older these are becoming much more lapse. Although the whole point of this list is to surpass tradition, I really would love to one day have my own traditions to share with my own family in the future.
  7. I think one year I would really love to do something for a charity close to my heart. Christmas is a time for giving and I think what better way to solidify that sentiment by giving to a charity that I believe in?!
  8. When I, hopefully, have children of my own, I would have to do the advent fairy gift idea that my mom does for me and my sister! I think it is such a sweet idea and one that will really get kids in the spirit of Christmas!
  9. Host a Christmas party. I have always been one to love organising and hosting house parties as I was growing up, for absolutely any occasion you could imagine, which probably explains why I am now doing a degree in event management haha! One year I want to do a big Christmas party for my nearest and dearest: buffet food, seasonal baking, festive cocktails, party games, Christmas crackers, photo booths, the list is truly endless!
  10. Finally, (a silly one) I really want to commit one whole month of December to wearing Christmas jumpers. Every. Single. Day.

Do you have a Christmas bucket list?! I’d love to add to mine with more ideas!

M x



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