Day 9 – Favourite Christmas Games

As previously mentioned, I usually spend Christmas with a lot of family all around one table. One of our fave things to do after the food has gone down, is to cosy up in front of the fire in my aunt’s house and crack out the Christmas games!

We will sit and play games for hours and hours, using the excuse to keep my little cousin entertained – but really we all love it and lose ourselves in the games, seeing even some of the eldest members revert to childlike mannerisms – plus the competitiveness is through the roof in my family!

Not all of the games we play are necessarily Christmas themed but anything that brings the family together is a winner in my eyes haha! Every year we tend to have a new game in someone’s pile of presents so that usually helps to keep the fun rolling.

One of our favourites to bring out is the classic ‘pass the pud’. It basically entails a bunch of questions, you hit start then go around the circle answering one question each and passing the pud on for each correct question. At some point in the round the pud will burp and whoever has a hold of it when that happens will be eliminated! It requires a lot of quick thinking and, in our case, lobbing a plastic Christmas pudding across the room to avoid being caught out (would not recommend throwing though, there have been many injuries and near misses playing that way in my aunts house hahaha).

If you are looking for free games this Christmas, a great option is just to Google online based games, trivia is always a good one to involve the whole family. After a quick search I found some Christmas movie trivia, or if films aren’t really your thing, you can also get music and general Christmas knowledge ones too!

This one isn’t a game, however face mats are a great way to inject some fun into Christmas family photos! There are so many different themed ones but they do have ones specifically for Christmas.

Who am I? But Christmas themed! Get out the post-it notes and get your thinking caps on for Christmas themed people. Such a simple game but creates hours of laughter and fun!

This is one for the adults only, but when I saw this online I just had to include it! Ready…? Snakes and Bladdered!! Hahaha, I thought this was a brilliant idea! Snakes and ladders but a grown up version, complete with their own shot glasses for counters – just grab some of that liquid Christmas spirit and play!

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