Day 8 – The Advent Fairy Part 1

When I moved away from home to Manchester last year, my mom decided two things. 1, Christmas presents are essential things only and 2, she felt bad about that so created the Advent Fairy for her 21 and 23 year old daughters.

The Advent Fairy is essentially just my mom. Last year and this one my mom has come up to Manchester with a box of gifts to open daily until I come home for Christmas. This years’ box works a lil different, as I am coming home so early to jet off to Spain to spend Christmas there, so she instructed that I open them all at once instead!

I decided to open them in two sittings, so I’m gonna do two posts about some of the things I received. They are all stocking filler type things, in my mom’s words “they are just a bit of Christmas cheer for you to enjoy in the run up to your coming home”.

First off we have this box that everything came in!
A beautiful Christmas card for Max and myself from my mom and dad
Next Beauty Advent Calendar!
This is everything from inside the Next beauty advent calendar
Here we have an emery board, two nail varnishes, a hand cream and some cuticle cream
Some bath items also from the Next advent calendar; a body lotion and bubble bath
Three lip glosses, in pink, a purpley pink and a red pink. Also a strawberry lip balm – perfect for on the go!
This eau de toilette smells incredible!
Can’t go wrong with a novelty hat, practical and cute!
Christmas decorations in the form of music notes, mom said she picked these because they relate to my degree haha
I thought these were so sweet, elf straws to make every drink this season festive!
Face Mats are always a good fun stocking filler
We have these at home, so I think that’s why mom brought them haha, they definitely make the flat look more festive though!
I though these were brilliant! It’s basically santa’s legs but inside you put bottles!
Said bottles that were inside santa’s trousers! A bottle of Kir Royale and the classic Bucks Fizz
On top of the bottles were these super cute bottle hats! So festive!


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