Day 7 – Favourite Christmas Movies

One of my favourite things about the winter months is to snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa, a hot drink and a Christmas classic on the telly.

I could watch Christmas movies all day long, they give me the fuzzies for sure!

My fave Christmas movies are as followed:

10. Elf has been a family favourite in our home for as many years as I can remember! The Christmas season always kicks off when Elf comes on the telly. Although it’s not my favourite film for Christmas, it’s a special one, and definitely in the top ten!

9. The Grinch is such a great movie, will definitely be on my list to watch again this year!

8. My mom always used to put on The Polar Express, so I think it is one of her favourites! We usually cuddle up on the sofa under the duvet with a slice of cake and a coffee to watch this film

7. Home Alone – Christmas classic, every. single. year.

6. The Muppet Christmas Carol is so lighthearted and a fun watch for everyone!

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas is an odd one because every year we debate watching this at Christmas or Halloween, so we usually watch it on both occasions as it’s such a beautifully curated film!

4. The Holiday just gives me the fuzzies, such a heartwarming movie

3. It isn’t Christmas in my eyes until I’ve watched Love Actually

2. Nativity! Another of my mom’s favourites that I get roped into watching every year, but it is soooo cute so I can’t complain!

1. The Night Before – I watched this for the first time last year with my boyfriend and I have never laughed so hard at a Christmas film! It is so refreshing to see a modern Christmas comedy. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to have a laugh with friends this year over a few drinks and a cosy night in!


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