Day 6 – Manchester Christmas Markets Trip

I hold so many fond memories of the Christmas Markets. When I was growing up I went yearly with family, my Scout group, friends and Max and each year visiting holds special moments that I will always treasure.

Moving to Manchester last year, I highly anticipated the Christmas Markets and they certainly didn’t disappoint. This year I live about a 5 minute walk away from Albert Square so I believe I have visited about 6 times already!!

I have been a couple of times with my flatmates, filling up on mulled wine and pancakes. I visited with Max but that was short lived due to heavy rainfall however we did manage to squeeze in a mulled gin (10/10 would recommend) before running for shelter and warmth! Max & I took my parents too, who seemed to really love it (mainly my mom, dad isn’t really into stuff like that haha) and spent hours just pottering around taking everything in.

Here are some photos from some of my many trips to the Manchester Christmas Markets this year, I haven’t taken many because I just love to soak it all in!

If you get a chance to go, I really would recommend it – this city is full of Christmas cheer and magic this time of year and it feels so special to get to be a part of that!

What are your local Christmas markets like? Do they help lift you into the Christmas mood like the Manchester ones?

M x


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