Day 3 – Getting Cosy This Christmas

There is nothing like kicking off the Christmas season like getting cosy…

Here are my seven simple tips for getting cosy this Christmas!

  1. Hot water bottles are a must. I hold my hands up for being guilty of using these all year round, but what I love over Christmas is getting one prepped and popping it under my duvet about an hour before I clamber into bed, so that I get in and feel super toasty!IMG_1183
  2. Picking out a chunky knit scarf from the back of the wardrobe is one of my faves. I feel like digging the Winter warmers out symbolises the start of Christmas. Team your snuggly scarf, a bobble hat and a fluffy coat for the ultimate Winter outfit!IMG_1202
  3. A red lipstick is key for me this Christmas. When the cold days hit, my skin hates me for smothering it in a full face of make-up, so going for a simple staple red lip combined with a thick moisturiser instead definitely suffices!
  4. Talking of thick creamy moisturiser, it is always appreciated in the colder months. I alternate between Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream as a day to day option, and Smuggler’s Soul cream from Lush on particularly harsh days.IMG_1191
  5. A thick wool blanket always does the trick for cosying up in front of the telly. I have one that feels like a teddy bear type material and it is the ultimate blanket, so I’d recommend spending a little more and getting a good quality, thick, soft material one. On the plus side of this, the blanket is big enough for two people to fully snuggle in to.IMG_1186
  6. Grab yourself a hot chocolate or a mug of mulled wine, either is just fine and will do the job of making you feel cosy regardless of if you are out wandering around the Christmas Markets, or just sat on the sofa trying to stay warm!
  7. Snuggle up in front of the TV with your blanket, your choice between a hot chocolate or mulled wine and a Christmas film, be it a classic or a new comedy, my favourites would have to be The Snowman, Love Actually, Nativity and The Night Before!

What do you do to stay cosy over Christmas?

M x


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