Day 2 – Christmas 2017 Plans

Soooo my plans for this Christmas differ heavily from previous years. I’m the type of gal who hops house to house to see family, goes to church, then settles down at lunch with my loved ones to have an amazing meal!

However this year I am swapping my home comforts for a holiday – that’s right, no Christmas dinner on Christmas Day for the first time in 22 years!

I’m going to be jetting off to Spain with Max’s family on the 20th December and I will be there until the 27th. I am buzzing about this but a little apprehensive as I’ve never broken my usual Christmas traditions! It’s going to be odd not being woken up by my 24 year old sister in pure excitement, seeing my little cousin’s face light up at her gifts, and being sat around a big table in my aunt’s house playing games and eating amazing homemade foods.

The plan is to bundle into two cars with Max, his sister and her boyfriend, and his parents, drive down to London, get on a plane and jet off to Seville! The week will mainly be spent roaming around the capital of Andalucia, and I’m really looking forward to exploring a new place. I didn’t go on a holiday abroad this Summer so taking advantage of getting a little Winter sun in Spain for Christmas instead!

Max and his parents went last year and it looked so beautifully picturesque so I am really looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, soaking it all in and exploring a brand new place.

My last 6 days of blogmas will be daily blogging my Seville trip and I’m so excited to share with yous what we get up to!

What are your plans this Christmas?

M x


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