Day 1 – First Blogmas – An Introduction

I luuuuuurve Christmas!!!

Winter is my fave time of the year, I love pretty much everything about it; the cold yet sunshiney days, snuggling up in front of the telly with copious blankets and a mulled wine, the local Christmas Markets, chunky wooly scarves and the classic Winter colour scheme.

This is going to be my first blogmas…I think I must be mad to be honest, I get pretty much all of December off for my Christmas ‘break’ however I have so much uni work to do and I’m going to Spain! But, I really wanted to challenge myself with blogmas this year.

I have had my fair share of blogs over the years that I didn’t really take too seriously so I want to show my commitment to JournalingMaddie by taking a 25 day challenge! I’m hoping it won’t be too hard as my love for Christmas and Winter should hopefully take over hahaha.

I hope you stick with me this blogmas, and maybe even do your own. It’s going to be tonnes of Christmassy fun!

M x


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