the limit of time

I’d be lying if I said that the past 6 years haven’t flown by, because they have.

After turning 16 it’s almost as though my life begun playing out in double time. Now at 22, faced with a limit of time, all I can think of is how it flies.

The past 6 years have been wonderful, particularly the last 3. There are so many memories that I have cherished, major life events, sad times, amazingly beautiful times, all bundled into one. But I’m struggling to pick them all apart. Really make sense of those years and fill in the blanks in between.

When I was young, around 9, all I wanted to do was grow up, I looked up to my neighbour who had brightly coloured hair and a belly button ring, and all I wanted was to be like her. To have the independence, the freedom to colour my hair, get piercings, leave the house whenever I wanted.

Right now I’m wishing for the opposite, for it all to be simple and to not have to worry about options that will majorly affect my life from now on.

Now I’m faced with a decision and I have a time restriction.

A limit of time, a time constraint, time sensitive.

I know it’s for the best that I take time out to focus but burying my head in the sand is what I’m best at when it comes to head on collisions with myself.

It’s all a bit doom and gloom in my brain right now, so full with so much, but time out is key to clear my mind and make choices.

M x


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