Halloween 2017

Halloween is potentially my favourite occasion of the year. I love Autumn fading into Winter, all the orange hues, the cold bite alongside beautiful sunshine. Pumpkins, dressing up, spooky decorations, eating too many fizzy sweets, apple bobbing & getting together with friends.

Last year I didn’t really celebrate due to having to travel back to Birmingham for an appointment so this year I wanted to make the most of being in Manchester with friends.

A small group of us had decided to grab some tickets for a “Girls on Film” night at the Deaf Institute, a night they hold weekly but this time it was Halloween themed. The criteria was seemingly simple; to dress up as a dead pop icon, so we spent weeks deciding on who we’d all go as & perfecting our looks. We honestly spent ages researching different people, I feel like I could’ve completed a uni essay on it hahaha.

After much deliberation, we finalised our decisions on the dead pop icons we would be embodying. Max & I went for a couples costume of Sid Vicous & Nancy Spundgen (my mother was so proud), Amy chose Amy Winehouse, Travis – George Michael & Sara as the old Taylor Swift!!


Sid & Nancy

Nancy & Winehouse

Nancy & George

Nancy & Taylor

On a last minute whim on Monday night, we decided to organise a flat party for the following night with some uni friends. I love a good spontaneous plan but I kinda regret leaving it so late to because most of the Halloween decorations in Manchester had already been taken! We managed to pull together some lights, balloons, cups, straws & coasters but nothing to OTT unfortunately. We told people that dressing up was a must, but we had no intention of going as far out as a few nights before!! I went as a unicorn aka my spirit animal, Sara as a cat, Amy the devil, Trav a vampire, Aidan a lumberjack, Abbie a traveller, Lydia also as a cat & Patti (my personal favourite) as a mushroom (she hates Halloween and dressing up, can you tell?!)

The girls made “Spooky Juice” a concoction of Vodka, Smirnoff Ice & the blue Caribbean Twist, the hangover sure as hell was spooky after drinking this!

I hope everyone had a fabulously spooky halloween!

M x


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