110 Above – Sunday 6th August

Today was a mega lazy day.

We slept in, sat in the car (which we managed to start despite running the battery down less than 24 hours prior) whilst the rain poured, and snuggled up for a few hours before heading over to see some bands.

There weren’t that many bands that we were fussed about seeing today, so we took it nice and slow.

Once the rain subsided we grabbed some food and went to sit outside in the fresh sunshine with Hayley, Kier and Joe and drank a considerable amount of vodka before heading into the festival.


We only saw a few bands today but it was all good fun.

Will Joseph Cook was our first band of the day and they put on a hell of a set in the Old Town Hall, before heading over to catch a bit of Inheaven (who admittedly I wasn’t too bothered about so went and got food instead) then caught Eliza and the Bear, a band that I’d heard of so much before but never really listened to before. These guys were defo my Sunday highlight!

Headlining tonight were Coasts. To be honest we went for the one song we knew, and of course they played it last haha! The rest of their set was decent though and it was a great end to the festival!

M x


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