World Mental Health Day

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetToday is world mental health day.

Your mental health should be nurtured just like your physical health is. I have suffered from severely poor mental health for as long as I can really remember, but after many ups and downs, I have come to the conclusion that caring for my mental health should be a priority.

Today is a day so close to my heart, and I imagine it is to so many others’.

I have struggled through years of mental difficulties, recovered, relapsed, taken medication, meditated, exercised, looked after myself and hated myself.

I learned not to resent myself for the relapses, but to understand that I can come back from them and better my quality of life.

I am not ashamed to go to the doctors, to take medication or to speak out about it all. I am certainly not ashamed of who I have become over the past years and I am not ashamed of my mental health struggles.

Suffering, recovering and relapsing has made me a stronger version of myself. I now understand that when I am in a dark place, that there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Through poor mental health I have lost friends, I have quit jobs, I struggled (and continue to) through education, I have lost parts of my personality, I have lost drive and motivation toward things that I once would’ve moved mountains for.

However, through the same tough times I have learned what true friendship is and made and retained some amazing friends, I started to look at situations as “helpful” and “unhelpful” rather than “positive” & “negative”, I went for job interviews, I started a job flyering for events, I started to work actively in the music industry, I traveled back and forth to visit my incredible boyfriend, I’ve maintained a nearly 3 & a half year relationship, I’ve been independent, I began uni, I moved to a new city, I went on holiday, I got out of bed, I showered, I attended class and I ate a meal without being prompted to do so.

Mental health is a journey for me, there are good days, weeks, months, years and periods, there are also bad, but taking each day as it comes has worked wonders for me.

I’ve learned to surround myself with great people, comfy spaces, helpful thoughts and to nurture myself a lil bit more on down days!

Look out for yourself, and for others, it is so important to take extra special care of our mental health.

M x





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