110 Above – Saturday 5th August

Today was a gooooood day for music.

We got up with good time to see my friends band, Idle Frets, play the main stage. It was great to see how many people came out to see them despite the miserable weather!

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Everyone was on form today, so many incredible performances from all the bands that we saw. Seafret, Little India, Kyko, High Tyde, Marsicans and D.I.D, the list could go on!


In between bands I ate the most amazing vegan pizza, drank a lil too much vodka lemonade / dark fruit combination (why do I ever think mixing drinks is a sound idea?), stood in human poo (wish I was joking) and ran the battery down on Max’s car by charging my phone (again, wish I was joking).


In the evening our friends in Idle Frets were due to play an Inn Session – an acoustic set in Gopsall Inn – so we got down early to crash on some cosy chairs before they begun. The Inn soon filled up and we got on down to the front to have a boogie along with Molly, T and the rest of the group that we were with.


Idle Frets absolutely smashed their set and we retired back to the tent for another uncomfortable nights sleep!



M x



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