110 Above Festival – Friday 4th August

It’s early…almost too early with this mild hangover brewing. But, today is the day we pop in the car and drive to 110 Above Festival.

As a bit of a background, Max & I went last year for the first time for our anniversary. A friend of mine suggested we double-dated it but they ended up deciding against going, but that’s how we found out about it anyhow. We ended up having the best time and were determined to return again, so we booked for this year as soon as tickets came out with the line up slowly growing and getting better and better!

– – – – –


The drive over to the festival was super quick – only took us about half an hour from Birmingham which was mega handy.

We waited in line for a while, as they were thoroughly checking everyone’s bags, which to my amazement people were actually complaining about?! Call me old fashioned but I think thorough checks of belongings is paramount for everyone’s safety, and I would much rather be delayed by half an hour and have my safety ensured rather than things that could compromise that slipping through.

Once we got through security, we exchanged our tickets for wristbands and Max brought a programme disguised as an old cassette tape. The one thing that 110 Above really clings to is their attention to detail.

– – – – –


We pitched our tent and sat with friends Molly & T for a few hours whilst they waited for their belongings to turn up with their other friends’ van, which was the perfect excuse for a big catch up as we’ve not seen each other in so long!

I also bumped into some friends from many, many years ago who I’d met at Scouts, and I’d not seen any of them for such a long time so it was great to share the festival with them too, drinking and catching up, especially as one of them had just got back from spending 6 months in Australia!

We didn’t see many bands today, but I do love the idea behind having music on the first day of the festival! Not many festivals do this, they usually have you camp for a day or so first but I really like how here you pretty much arrive, pitch your tent then get right into the festivities of things!

The bands that we did see, however, were insane! First up we saw Kier, who Max has seen before when he was engineering a gig in Manchester so he recommended them and the lead singer had one hell of a voice!

We also saw Haus, who were 100% Friday’s highlight!! I’d never heard of them before but they definitely have a new fan.

I caught a bit of Black Honey before heading out to watch Little Comets, one of Max’s fave bands.

Another great thing about this festival is that they managed to compile the line up in a way that there were next to no clashes, and the minimal clashes that did occur they worked it out that you could still see half of each set of the bands that clashed, which is such a fab idea!

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