Turning 22

I had been dreading this day for months and months. For me, turning 22 felt like I was about to hit a midlife crisis. I know it sounds stupid, to dread turning a specific age, especially when I am still so young, but for some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling!

I think turning 21 was such a big deal, that inevitably turning 22 would be the end of childhood and the start of adulthood & responsibility that I just wasn’t prepared for.

My birthday was last week, and I am so lucky that my amazing friends made the day so special for me. The day that I had been dreading since turning 21 was so incredible. Everyone knew the dread that I was feeling and I feel so blessed that nobody judged that and instead celebrated it with me.

This will now forever be a birthday that I will never forget – for all the right reasons!!

I now vow to not let a number rule my emotions or feelings.

My amazing friends in Manchester, specifically Sara, Amy, Travis and my boyfriend Max made such an effort to make an incredible weekend of my birthday.

On the Friday my boyfriend came to Manchester, we made food, had a couple drinks and just chilled out with Amy, Travis and Sara. Max also gave me an early birthday present of the most beautiful sparkly rainbow Doc Martens that I had been eyeing up since they released them!

Rainbow Glitter Docs

The following day, Max & I got all dressed up and went out for lunch at Alberts Schloss and it was simply incredible. Max had told them we were celebrating my birthday, so they brought over a complimentary glass of rosé prosecco and at the end of the meal a dessert on the house for me. It was the little attentions to deal that made it super special for me! It felt so amazing to have a proper date with Max too, it is so rare that we get dressed up and have time just the two of us!

We got back to the flat decorated with birthday banners and balloons courtesy of Sara and Amy! My mom provided some balloons but upon further inspection we realised she had brought “New Teenager” balloons by mistake hahaha but it certainly made me feel better about turning 22!

On the evening our friend Lydia came over and we did some tequila shots, had a few drinks then headed out to Soup Kitchen for a gig! It was so much fun, amazing live music with wicked company!


Me, Amy, Max and Travis then went off to boogie in Hold Fast which is my fave bar/club in the Norther Quarter. We had a dance, chatted to a load of people about getting old and had a big Happy Birthday sing-song at midnight which was so lovely and slightly embarrassing so I just hid behind my glass haha.

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset
Hold Fast with Travis, Amy & Max

When we got home at 2am, Max presented me with my birthday gifts and insisted I opened them right then haha. I received so many amazingly thoughtful presents, but my favourite was by far the last that I opened. Both of Max’s grandparents passed away, but most recently his granddad, and he has spend the past few months clearing out their bungalow. On a day where he was sorting out the loft, he came across one of his late grandma’s coats, a long black faux fur beauty, and immediately thought of me. When I opened this gift and Max told me the story behind it I instantly burst into tears (70% emotional 30% drunk haha), I don’t think I have ever received something so thoughtful or with so much meaning behind it.

The next day I woke up and I was 22! I made breakfast for Max and opened my presents off Sara, then off Amy & Travis too (they were all so lovely, and very glitter/unicorn-esque themed which is very me at the moment!). We then went for a Sunday roast to heal our hangovers at it was so damn incredible!!

All in all, I had an insanely good 22nd birthday, knowing now it was nothing to worry about, I vow to just enjoy every birthday that I’m lucky enough to reach and celebrate them with my closest people.

M x


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