July faves


Album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Song: Boredom – Tyler, the Creator

TV / Movie: Love Island

Place: Our cosy Christchurch caravan

Memory: We were driving back to the caravan and Max pulled into a lane behind a bunch of cars, sat in what he thought was “traffic” for a few minutes before realising we were in fact just sat behind a load of parked cars hahaha

Food: Raspberry sorbet (daaank)

Drink: I have always loved wine but this month I think I have drank wine a lot more than usual haha (promise I don’t have a problem)


(Max & I got up at 4 am to watch the sunrise on the beach and it was incredible)

Accomplishment: On mine and max’s trip to the caravan we went to Brownsea Island and I was on my feet walking for a solid 7 hours, which really is a personal accomplishment for me as I struggle walking for too long without the help of walking aids or going into a joint flare up (I sure as hell paid for it the following day haha but it was so so soooo worth it and I am really proud of myself!).





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