graduation day

Not mine…even though all of my friends are graduating this year, I will not be joining them, as I took two years out before attending uni, but so did my sister, and as she is two years older than me that means that it was her year to graduate!

The day was a lil on the hectic side (see July 15 – a funeral, a graduation and a lot of wine) but the weather stayed sunny and dry for us, and we had a lovely celebration!

Here’s some pics of the day…


rare family photo where we are all smiling and looking at the camera!



dad, me, lydia, nanny & mom



lydia, emily & ellis


Processed with VSCO with nc preset

pretending to be the graduate 😉



lyd & nanny



the actual grad!



it was a windy afternoon haha



being proud & supportive etc etc



because being serious for a solid 8 hours isn’t really our style



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