oh what a week

I’ve had such an intense week and it really feels like its been non stop! Its just been super dull long tasks that felt never ending but today I’m on my drive back to Birmingham for a little while so it has all come to a halt!

The week started with slogging around the flat during the day, mainly just sat on the balcony enjoying this beautiful sunshine that we so rarely get in Manchester (convinced I was slowly tanning but apparently I’m still as pale as ever)!

All week I was putting off two tasks, one – finding the perfect graduation card for my sister, and two – packing for a funeral, said graduation and a holiday.


I managed to get Sara to come with me into town to find a card for my sister by telling her we were going to Paperchase (who can seriously say no to a Paperchase outing?!). We spent quite a while there as the sale was on, but I left with just a graduation card, some quirky postcards perfect for featured photos, and a mug for Max (because all he does is complain he doesn’t have “his own” mug at my apartment) which has an elephant on it and says “Wanna see my trunk?” for like a quid instead of £7 so that was a bargain! Sara on the other hand was properly lured in by the sales and went a little crazy!



We then decided to make a bit of a day of it, and went around some other sales, including the dreaded Urban Outfitters sale, with 90% of the items still being mega over priced and out of budget, but I did manage to pick up a cute striped crop top that I completely fell in love with.


As if we hadn’t already spent enough money, we decided to treat ourselves to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet (the best lunch buffet in history, maybe).


Throughout the week I’ve had several visits from the “oven man”, as he so eloquently refers to himself on text, because the oven decided to die, then the grill, then the oven again. I was home alone for the most part of the week so it was kinda nice to have the company instead of talking to myself like a mad woman!


After much procrastinating, I started to pack my stuff up. I hate packing and usually do it the night before so I don’t overthink it too much, but with so many different events and occasions coming up over the next few weeks, I actually had to plan this one out.

Taking it all in the car home right now honestly feels like I’m moving out! I usually just stuff my clothes in a couple of rucksacks but mom insisted on me packing my clothes into boxes, so I’m currently sat squashed in the back of the car surrounded by 12 (yes, 12) boxes of clothes, shoes and necessities. I am yet to work out how to bring this all back up on the train, though mind.


I have also had a super busy week with work. I distribute leaflets for several companies outside venues promoting gigs and all that jazz! I mainly work late evenings for an hour or so. The pay is good and also means that if I want a day time job in the future then I can easily do both! I usually only get a couple of shifts a week, but this week has been a bit on the hectic side, as MIF (Manchester international festival) was taking place meaning there were loads more events on than normal, so I worked 8 shifts this week, 3 of them being in one day! It’s a fun job and I quite enjoy walking around Manchester to new and different venues having a mini solo adventure haha!


But seriously, I feel like yesterday killed.me.off.

It was such a hot day which is a bad start for me anyways because it sets my POTs through the roof! But yes, hot day combined with flyering with no shade, walking to and from venues, and trying to finish packing / cleaning in between totally ruined me. Then to top it off I really struggled to sleep – even though I was shattered (logic, please?)! So waking up this morning was a real struggle but I got up with good time, finished packing and met my parents!


We went for food at the Botanist for a Sunday lunch, which was daaaaank! Then got back to the flat and packed the car up, and are now currently on our way home!

It feels odd going back to Birmingham after so long, I am so happy in Manchester and feel a little down about going back, but to be honest, I will hardly be home!

I go to Essex first thing tomorrow until Wednesday, then Thursday we are off to Derby for Lydia’s Graduation, a weekend at home (but it’s already full of plans meeting people and packing – again) then off to our caravan in Bournemouth for a week with Max, and then once we are back, I am heading straight back to Manchester, so a pretty hectic few weeks to say the least!


Soundtrack to my journey home started with Haim’s new album, but then I got sick of the Spotify app because I’m on the free version and it stresses me out haha, so I listened to the whole of the Believe album because I forgot I had the Purpose album saved on my laptop (part time Justin Bieber fan, sorry not sorry), and now I’m listening to that since I realised I had it!


Just realised I’ve been typing away for quite a little while, so I’m going to stop here!


I hope you have had a fabulous week!


M x


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