Monthly Playlists

Not to bang on too much about my written journal, but the one thing I really pride myself in, is music. In my journal I created written playlists monthly, detailing the music I’d been listening to, adding to the lists daily or whenever I opted to listen to new (or old…so many throwbacks!!) music.

It wouldn’t seem right to share most aspects of my personal journal, but one thing that I believe is more than appropriate to share is the music I’ve been listening to!

I have created monthly playlists since February this year, documenting the additions by scrawling them into my journal then at the end of the month compiling the tracks into a Spotify playlist.

What I’ve loved most about doing this is realising how much my music taste and listening habits change over time, my favourite thing to do is go back through and listen just to realise how much the playlists reflect my moods and attitudes that month!

Obviously not to bore before I’ve even got this started, but I’m going to upload each of my monthly playlists, backtracking all the way to February. These will be spread out over the next month, just in time for my July Journal Playlist to go live!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first playlist,

M x


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